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How to Keep Your Dog Companion Active During Covid-19

The Covid-19 has caused a major disruption in our daily lives, it has restricted our mobility, activities, and socialization. Thousands of pets around the country have also suffered from the mandatory precautions and restrictions in place for the novel coronavirus. 

The pet parents around the country are undergoing a lot of stress as they are finding it difficult to navigate the situation when it comes to finding the right information, getting their esa dog or any other pet animal checked up, getting the proper exercise outside for themselves and their dogs, etc. 

Can your pet dog or animal contract the coronavirus?

According to the World Health Organization several cats, dogs, and other animals such as ferrets have contracted the coronavirus. However, the transmission of the coronavirus from these animals to humans is not yet proved. Though it is shown that the virus has been spread between individuals of the same species, such as cats to cats or dogs to dogs.

Your pet animals don’t show any symptoms of contracting the virus, unlike humans. And it is said to have caused no harm to any pet till now. 

Like any surface, the virus can be present on your pet’s fur or hair. It is advised that you should groom your pet regularly and keep it from going outside and interacting with other animals and unknown places. If you have a pet you should know about the ESA letter

Like always, wash your hands and take full precautions before and after iterating with your pet animal.

Keep your activities to your backyard and around your neighborhood 

You should not venture as far off as you used to during normal times when you take your ESA dog on walks. It’s best to keep to your neighborhood or just around the house. When taking your dog outside make sure that it is on a leash as you don’t want it to wander off into other areas or follow the old route. 

It is also advisable to let your dog leash-free in the backyard if you have one that has a proper boundary wall or fence. You can play fetch or the old tug of war. Anything that lets your pet expend his/her energy is advised. If you want to keep your dog inside your house you should have an ESA letter for housing.

Give the dogs some screen entertainment

There are times when you are busy and cannot give your total attention to your pet/s and need some alone time. You should consider at times like these to get your pet dog get hooked to various streaming services like DogTV that provide your dog with videos and media to keep them entertained, help them relax, and stimulate their senses. Make sure, not to be too dependent on these platforms as it might not work the next time you want to wind down alone. 

The emotional support letter is a legitimate certificate that makes your pet an emotional support creature. Passionate help creatures are given more opportunity and favorable circumstances at that point pets since they are on the job to give love, solace, and fulfillment to their proprietors. They should be with their proprietors to make them intellectually steady or to defeat alarm assaults or nervousness scenes.

Treat them with treats and toys

You can buy and order various treats and toys online that can keep your dog busy and happy. These can be chew-toys or a toy object launcher( to play fetch ). You can also keep a supply of their favorite treats and feed them once in a while to keep their energy and pleasure level up.

Confined to their homes, most dogs will constantly ask for attention, especially during meal times; It is best to keep some light fruits and vegetables near you to keep your pet busy and his taste buds stimulated while you finish your meal. If you have ESA you have a support animal letter.

It’s important that you don’t overfeed your pet dog and make him/her overweight. As the gained weight will be hard to get rid of due to the quarantine and the restrictions on going outside.

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