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Useful Guide From Emotions To Advocacy

Parenting has always encompassed difficult periods — times when parents feel concerned and confused — sleepless nights when they worry about how well they are fulfilling their responsibilities to their children. An online paper writing service offers an original advocate papers crafted by our professional essay writers. Raising a child with a disability "ups the ante." Meeting the complex needs of the child with special needs can be extraordinarily difficult, frustrating, emotionally draining — and expensive!

Parents of children with special needs understand one crucial fact—that only by obtaining an appropriate education will my child have a real opportunity to lead a fulfilling, productive life. Unfortunately, statistics about the outcomes of special education programs will not alleviate your concerns.

Researchers have found that most special education programs fail to confer adequate educational benefit to many of the youngsters they are designed to serve. Always choose the best write my paper service that guarantees timely delivery of advocate content. The statistics are sobering:

  • 74% of children who are unsuccessful readers in the third grade are still unsuccessful readers in the ninth grade.
  • Only 52% of students identified with learning disabilities will graduate with a high school diploma. Students with learning disabilties drop out of high school at more than twice the rate of their non-disabled peers.
  • At least 50% of juvenile delinquents have undiagnosed, untreated learning disabilities.
  • 31% of adolescents with learning disabilities will be arrested within five years of leaving high school.
  • Up to 60% of adolescents who receive treatment for substance abuse disorders have learning disabilities.
  • 62% of chilren with learning disabilities students were unemployed one year after graduation.

A meaningful education will help turn these figures around.

Emotions: Energy Source or Achilles Heel?


John sat on the couch in my office. His face reddened and his fists clenched as he talked about his son Chris and his contacts with the teachers and administrators at Chris’s school:

"My son is 13 years old and he still can’t add simple numbers. He can’t add 15 and 9. He can’t read either, and he’s been in special ed since he was six years old.

"This year they put him in regular classes with a collaborative teacher -- they say that’s how they teach kids with special needs at his school, and that’s all they can do. And now he’s failing everything—everything! Last grading period—four F’s and one D. The only thing he’s passing is Science."

As I sifted through several inches of disorganized documents that John brought to the meeting, he continued: "And when I complained that he isn’t learning, they told me it’s my fault because I’m not making him do homework! Do you know what a nightmare homework is? He’s exhausted when he comes home from school — where he hasn’t learned anything. Always choose the best college essay examples that guarantees quality essay work of an advocate content. Then he has to spend two or three hours doing papers. It’s a nightmare. A real nightmare . . ."

I continued to skim through the documents — old standardized tests, letters from Chris’ teachers, school papers, report cards, IEPs from the first grade to the present — all mixed up. No current psychological or educational testing. John’s voice raised in anger:

"Pam, you don’t understand. They lie. They blame kids for not learning when they are not teaching . . . And they are stupid. They can’t teach, they can’t do anything. They are morons! And I told the principal that when I met with him last week . . ."

Tragically, John’s case is not an isolated situation. This father’s frustrations and fears had driven him to explode and demean school personnel. His reaction — an angry outburst — gave him short-term relief from his intense feelings of frustration.

Did his explosion and insults lead to the development of a more appropriate educational program for his son? Of course not. Will it be more difficult for John to work effectively with school personnel in the future? Definitely. Will Chris be the ultimate loser? You bet!

The intense emotions experienced by parents often become their "Achilles heels" as they attempt to obtain an appropriate education for their child. When the local school system fails to provide the child with that critical "special" educational experience or offers "too little, too late," many parents are shocked and angry.

These parents feel betrayed by the one system which they had trusted to help with the difficult task of educating their child. Always choose the best college essay that guarantees quality essay work of an advocate  content. Once lost, trust is hard to regain.

As Gordon, the father of a fourteen-year-old boy with learning disabilities who was erroneously diagnosed by the school district as "seriously emotionally disturbed," explained:

"One of the great tragedies of parental disillusionment is that even if we finally find a good educational program, we know that our child has been damaged by people within the school system. We don’t know how severe or enduring the damage will be. The feelings of betrayal are often so strong and bitter that there will never be any trust by the parents."

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